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Recal Corporation

Company Principles

Recal was founded on the concept to bring together investors with underperforming assets through partnerships. Then by using their experience, expertise and creativity, taking these assists and increasing the value through maximizing its potential for the benefit of the partnerships. The Infrastructure and management team for Recal has over 120 years of combined executive experience in the property development and management business.
Increased value is accomplished in several ways:
  • Improving the class of a property through renovation and rental increases.
  • Utilizing underperforming land or property assets. 
  • Subdivision or platting commercial parcels for development or disposition. 
  • Repositioning the asset with better debt coverage. 
  • Rebranding properties through marketing and management strategy.

Properties never manage themselves. Even dedicated employees or vendors need leadership, direction and guidance. Recal prides itself on management that makes a difference. In fact, it makes all the difference! Creating customer and community loyalty along with maximizing the tenant experience and satisfaction are primary goals for every asset. Team communication and loyalty created over time from a company with a rich 40 year history in the business learns a lot from its success and experience in this ever evolving industry.

Clients and partners make us who we are. Recal understands the bottom line; the client comes first! We understand there are expectations and we set out to exceed them every time. Recal prides themselves on providing services from statements, to return on investments, to increasing asset value, to management reporting, accuracy, timeliness and quality. It's an attitude for success that sets us apart from others, and has been intact since the beginning and continues through every relationship and asset we are a part of.

Trust is earned, not taken for granted. We could try to rely on our history, we could point to the successful transactions done over the years, but that's not how we operate. Trust with our company is a daily earned merit that we strive to maintain. We are not perfect, but strive to be. Some of the most important decisions in real estate are subjective; when to move forward, when to pull back. How much of an investment is good or wasteful without a strong return. Short term return, medium or long term return. Which way to go. That's what we do and it's another factor that sets us apart.